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Type4Cash Review – Introduction

Each and every online entrepreneur is struggling to make money online. Especially, after the onset of pandemic when many people have lost their jobs and staying at home. At this crucial time a lot of people started working from home and exploring the ways to earn online to meet their daily expenses. Some people are technical and they required a little effort to start earning online while other people felt difficulty on how to start with.

Type4Cash comes here for this purpose where you can make money by typing words online. This is one of the robust and legitimate apps that made many beginners a successful online marketer.

What is Type4Cash App?

Type4Cash is an app that can make you $200-$300 hourly for typing super simple words online. This system is developed by Branson Tay. Don’t confuse Type4Cash app with the boring online typing jobs.

Overview of Type4Cash App

VendorBranson Tay
Product NameType4Cash 
Launch Date2021-Sep-24
Official websitehttps://warriorplus.com
Front-End Price$17
Bonuses6 Free Bonuses including Surprise Bonus called Type2Profit
ExpertiseNo Skills Needed
RiskNo Risk. 365-Day Money Back Guarantee
NicheTools & Software
RecommendationsHighly Recommend!
Overview of Type4Cash
Branson Tay - Creator of Type4Cash
Branson Tay – Creator of Type4Cash

Enjoyable Salient Feature of Type4Cash

  • Type online and get paid $26.59 in every 2 minutes.
  • Buy this app and start making money in just 2 minutes.
  • This is a fastest income generation machine.
  • Its so easy that even 60 years old could work on it.
  • Many beta testers have got success.
  • It works on any device like mobile, tablet, and computer.
  • No skills needed to work on Type 4 Cash app.
  • You can buy this app without any risk because if you fail you will get paid $300.
  • The best thing is 365-day money back guarantee.

Prerequisites to use Type4Cash

  1. There is no hard and fast rule to use Type 4 Cash App.
  2. No experience required
  3. No technical skills needed
  4. You don’t need to have a website
  5. Zero expenses required

How Much Can We Earn Per day with Type4Cash

The more-simple words we type, the more we get paid as shown in the following example:

2 minutes of work = I earned $20-$30

10 minutes of work = I earned $80-$150

30 minutes of work = I earned $250-$350

60 minutes of work = I earned $450-$800

Accumulated Earning through Type 4 Cash
Accumulated Earning through Type 4 Cash

Type4Cash – Earn Consistent Money

I think this is our most reliable, easiest, and fastest method to generate online income stream. There are numerous apps but this is a unique app that can make money consistently for us, you can say passive online income. You will never fail and it will not disappoint you at any point.

What are the Other Products or Funnel

There are 17-more plans worth consideration after you get the primary one. Its pricing range is $47 to $297 as shown below.

Type4Cash Funnels and Upsell
Type4Cash Funnels and Upsell

Typ4Cash Reviews from Beta Testers

Maria T. – Homemaker – Argentina

With my significant other being out of the house for work, it’s incredible to utilize Type4Cash to make some additional pay for my family. Since it is making me cash, it gets a full approval from me.

Jason U. – Bookkeeper – United States

What I love most with regards to Type4Cash is that it doesn’t occupy a lot of my time, and still makes me a nice measure of extra pay.

Aimi K. – Resigned – Japan

I’m a cheerfully retiree, and it’s consistently ideal to discover something to relax. What I delighted in with Type4Cash is that I could have some good times while bringing in cash simultaneously. It won’t make you 1,000,000 dollars yet it is as yet pleasant for some going through cash.

Money Earned by Beta Testers – Earning Statistics Gallery

See below the earning snapshots from different beta testers around the globe.

Compatibility of Type4Cash

It works fine on computers but there is no limitations. You can use any mobile device to make it work and get paid with:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Tablet
  • Any Phone

Steps Involve to Run Type4Cash App

It needs 3 steps only to unlock the dreams of your life:

Step No. 01: Get access to the app

Step No. 01
Step No. 01

Step No. 02: Turn on “Paid2Type” button

Step No. 02
Step No. 02

Step No. 03: Get paid by typing simple words on your computer or mobile phone.

Step No. 03
Step No. 03

What you Don’t Need to Boost your Income is

Internet traffic either free or paid


Paid domains

Paid Hosting

Expensive websites

Making stunning videos

Email marketing

Social media like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Messages


Type4Cash Free Bonuses

When we buy this app, will get 6 free bonuses worth $8982 plus surprise bonus value $1997:

Free Bonus # 01 – 1k A Day LIVE Masterclass:

You will get a ticket to attend a live master class to learn how we are making $1000 per day and Q&A.

Free Bonus # 02 – 30-Second FREE Commissions

You will get a system called “point-n-click” that can make you your first commission on Warriorplus and Clickbank in 30 seconds for free.

Free Bonus # 03 – $513.07 Per Day Viral Loophole

Access to a secret weapon through you will get free viral traffic for affiliate marketing to generate sales. Your specific link will reach to millions of buyers overnight.

Free Bonus # 04 – Type4Cash Commercial License

Get a full agency commercial license to earn extra $200-$500 stream of income by selling gigs and services through Type4Cash.

Free Bonus # 05 – $1M A Year Blueprint

This legitimate guide will show you how we made $1 Million online and how we are planning to boost it to 20 Million per year.

Surprise Bonus – Type2Profit Maximizer

Double your income using this addon completely for free.

Earnings Statistics - Type4Cash
Earnings Statistics – Type4Cash

Pricing Plan of Type4Cash

The total value of every thing is $12,850 plus. So, the monthly payment is $297. But today, you have to pay one-time payment of $17 only.

Pricing Plan of Type4Cash
Pricing Plan of Type4Cash

Pros and Cons of Type4Cash

Pros & Benefits:

  1. Super easy app
  2. No any skills required
  3. Compatible with any device.
  4. 6 unique valuable bonuses
  5. 365 days money back guarantee


  • No cons noticed yet.

Frequently Asked Questions – Type4Cash Review

Q. 1. Do I require any experience to make this work?

Ans. Not a chance! You don’t… Whether you’ve been attempting to bring in cash online for quite a long time or 2 years, none of that is important… Just use Type4Cash and there’s not any justification for you to fizzle.

Q. 2. When would i be able to make my first benefit?

Ans. In spite of the fact that it’s illicit to guarantee you any sort of results, we can let you know that each of the 70 beta-analyzers had the option to benefit inside 24 hours…

Q. 3. Do I have to purchase anything extra?

Ans. No, you don’t… We disdain it too when somebody sells a fragmented arrangement. Type4Cash gives you EVERYTHING you should be ready for action, without any preparation.

Q. 4. Sounds cool, yet how could this be even conceivable?

Ans. Great inquiry… See, Type4Cash gives you the words to type, and we send them over to our accomplices. They pay for this substance, making you cash…

Q. 5. Are there any month to month charges?

Ans. Right now, no. In the event that you act now, you will just compensation once to gain admittance to Type4Cash for eternity…

Q. 6. What occurs in the event that I don’t bring in any cash?

Ans. Relax, you’re secured by our multi day “better than cash back” ensure… It’s quite straight forward – If you’re not ready to get results with Type4Cash, we will discount EVERY penny back. What’s more, for burning through your time, we’ll toss in $300 as a decent signal.

Q. 7. I’m sold. How would I get Type4Cash?

Ans. To get Type4Cash before we pull it down, click the button underneath right currently to get it at the least conceivable cost.

Final Verdict – Type4Cash Review

If you would like to be a successful online marketer and start without proven methods, there are 99% chances that you will fed-up and fail. With type4cash app there are no restrictions and even totally newbie can get success as already shown above. This is already verified by many newbie beta testers. This is only typing of simple words game to make money online.

My wise advice to you is just go with this app and test it because it will not cost you more than a price of a pizza. If you feel unsuccessful Mr. Branson Tay will return you $200 and even there is no risk involve in it due to 365-day money back guarantee.

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