GetResponse Review 2021 – Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

GetResponse is a powerful yet simple and best marketing solutions platform to create landing pages, conversion funnels, email marketing, marketing automation, and a lot more to get leads, get sales, and get grow regardless of your business size.

There are 4 GetResponse’s main tools that are email marketing, landing pages, marketing automation, conversion funnels, and inbound marketing solutions like growing your audience, engage with customers, sell your knowledge, boost online sales. And personalized tools are especially designed for entrepreneurs, online marketers, marketing managers, and large companies.

GetResponse Conversion Funnel

GetResponse Benefits

  1. Send emails, newsletters, create automated email sequences using GetResponse.
  2. Create landing pages, generate contact lists to grow your audience, and make sales.
  3. Use pre-built workflows to get more leads and sell more with less effort and without wasting your money and time.
  4. Convert your customers into sales using conversion funnels.

Who Can Use GetResponse?

  • All online entrepreneurs
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Enterprise
  • Medium business
  • Small business

GetResponse is The Best Marketing Solutions Platform

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GetResponse all-in-one marketing solution
Best Marketing Solution

GetResponse is highly recommended for those looking for the best marketing solutions. It provides solutions for email marketing, landing pages, webinars, marketing automation, conversion funnels, signup forms, paid ads, and many more in order to generate more leads, sell knowledge, engage customers, work from home, and boost online sales.

4 Main Features of GetResponse

GetResponse has more than 35 powerful features being used worldwide. However, the main 4 tools are self-explanatory. These are the customer-base building blocks and basic needs of every online entrepreneur who is looking for top marketing solutions.

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Landing Pages
  3. Marketing Automation
  4. And Conversion Funnels

1. Email Marketing:

Transforms your visitors into customers. GetResponse has spent more than 20 years to create, design, and polish email marketing tools that are persistent and reliable you can trust. No matter what business you are running either you are small or big, the fruitful results of GetResponse’s powerful email marketing software make more clicks, more open, and more sales for you.

GetResponse Email Automation

2. Landing Pages:

One of the powerful marketing tools is creating a stunning landing page in a few clicks to convert traffic and leads into business. Build your mobile responsive landing pages in few clicks, adjustable, and using pre-built templates to grow your contact list, showoff your products, and promote your webinars.

Use top lead generation tools like popups, forms, countdown timer, webinars, and eCommerce to get your visitors’ attention.

How to Improve Conversions

3. Marketing Automation:

This tool provides a better chance to automate your processes based on customers’ data and behavior. Using this automated tool you save your time & resources, sell more with less effort, capture & convert new leads, and build a connection with your audience.

Building individual contact profiles and send personalized and most relevant emails. You can find pre-built automation templates according to your business goals and eCommerce tools to automate your sales by streamlining your work with integration, turning your website traffic into sales opportunities, and your emails into moneymakers.  

4. Conversion Funnels:

The new name for autofunnel is conversion funnel. GetResponse gives you access to automated sales funnel create where you build your landing pages, automated emails, and convert your visitors into customers. These funnels are:

  • Simple opt-in funnels
  • Lead magnet funnels
  • Sales funnels
  • Webinar funnels
  • It works as follows:
  • Start with high-quality traffic
  • Send the traffic to your landing page
  • Turn the traffic into leads
  • Nurture your new leads with relevant follow-up communication
  • Start selling your products
  • Make more sales with automated follow-ups
  • Upsell with relevant offers
  • Get paid

Get More Leads Using GetResponse Platform

In this new era of technology and online marketing, email is your intelligent secret weapon. You can also grow your business by generating more leads with GetResponse’s smart tools and solutions as other peoples around the world are benefiting from it. This platform provides you with inbound marketing solutions, personalized tools, and helpful resources to step forward and grow 1000x more than ever before.

GetResponse is trusted by world-known big as well as many small brands like IKEA, SURVICATE, Stripe, zendesk, CD PROJEKT, Revolut, etc.

How to Generate Leads – Boost ROI with GetResponse

GetResponse Pricing Plans and Options

It has 5 pricing options.

Free (30 days), Basic, Plus, Professional, and Max or Enterprise

Pro Tip: Get almost 30% discount if you choose 2 years subscription plan.

Pricing Plan
Pricing Plans of GetResponse
GetResponse Pricing Plan Description
Pricing Description
GetResponse Pricing Plan with respect to features
Pricing Options with respect to features
GetResponse Plan Features
Plan Features
ecommerce tools, drive traffic, templates and imgages
e-com, traffic, templates and imgages
Tracking and Team Management
Tracking and Team Management
150 integrations and support
150 integrations and support

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GetResponse Pros and Cons


  • User friendly.
  • Great Design.
  • Cost-effective and get a 30% discount if you choose a 2 years plan.
  • GetResponse is an excellent platform for affiliate marketers.
  • Best marketing automation platform in the world.
  • Top all-in-one conversion funnel to manage every marketing needs.
  • Wide variety of email templates.
  • Great integration with Google Analytics.
  • You can use GetResponse features for free during your first 30 days (trial period).
  • Best online tracking mechanism.


  • Drag and Drop feature for creating landing pages is comparatively fussy to handle.
  • No phone call support for basic, plus, and professional plans.
  • GetResponse involves 3rd party sync tools like Cyfe.
How To Complete 10,000 Subscribers in 90 Days

GetResponse Competitors With Respect To Features

  • Mailchimp – Best beginners choice.
  • MailerLite – Free email autoresponder.
  • Klaviyo – Best for e-commerce.
  • GetResponse – Best for increasing sales.
  • Moosend – Best for marketing automation.

Top 5 Marketing Solutions Provided by GetResponse

  1. Generate Leads: GetResponse is a complete lead generation software, where you can naturally turn anonymous visitors into leads, fans, and customers. Using this platform drive traffic that converts, engage, and nurture leads, and sell & track results.
  2. Sell Knowledge: GetResponse’s digital marketing tools give you the opportunity to sell your expert knowledge to your customers and develop a new income stream.
  3. Engage Customers: Use digital marketing bundles to actively engage with your audiences in order to build up a long-term relationship.
  4. Work from Home: GetResponse online tools are 100 percent proven to work from home anytime and anywhere in the world. Stay connected with your customers using personalized email marketing tools, webinars, prebuild beautiful email templates, and landing pages to keep the world connected and thriving.
  5. Boost Online Sales: The best thing is you can integrate your shop to GetResponse and fill your products into your GetResponse account. Now you can promote these products using landing pages and emails. In this way, you can increase your sales by 1000x more.

Tip: Get and use eCommerce native tools to incorporate your inventory to GetResponse and decide what your customers like the most and then take appropriate actions.

How to Automate Marketing with GetResponse

GetResponse Technical Specifications

Supported Devices/Systems

  • Desktop
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web-based


  • Enterprise
  • Medium sized business
  • Small business

Customer Support Type

  • Online chat
  • Telephone call

Corporate Level GetResponse User’s Reviews

  • Nick Nilsson (BetterU, Inc.) – GetResponse helps me run my business: I’ve been with them for a long time and I’m not going anywhere. I love GetResponse’s tracking, stats, and features.
  • Dibyajyoti Saikia (Hiedenberg Inc) – The best user-friendly email automation: GetResponse provides the best automation and landing pages, which helps me focus more on our business rather than spending time on designing webpages.
  • Manuel Flaugnacco (Vendere Energia) – I can reach my goals faster: GetResponse helps me to increase my revenues, improve my customer experience, and sell more products and services. I really love it.
  • Nicola Lucie (The Feminine Principle) – Keep my business connected with clients: GetResponse helps my business to connect with its audience in a clear and concise way. It’s easy and straightforward and if I get stuck, I can reach out.
  • Maxime Hamelin (Fondation de la Géosophie) – I love the GetResponse interface: GetResponse is a must-try email marketing tool. It offers a lot of features in one, well-designed platform.
  • Robert Waver (Infusion Marketing) – Excellent customer service: GetResponse gives me the ability to follow up with fresh leads and keep them engaged with my brand.
  • Seth Mosley (Full Circle Music) – Autoresponder emails are much simpler to use: GetResponse’s Autoresponders are so much simpler to use than the other tools with a faster and truly available 24/7 customer support team.
  • Pamela Moss (The Soul Guide Inc) – Better and cheaper than the competitors: Great platform, easy to make high-quality emails, landing pages, ARs, forms, funnels.
What is the Best Lead Generation Tool

How To Run Online Campaigns Using GetResponse Integrated Features?

You can run your online campaigns through GetResponse’s conversion funnel, paid ads, webinars, marketing automation, landing pages, and email marketing as follows:

  1. Conversion Funnel: GetResponse gives you full access to prebuilt funnel designs for your automated campaigns according to your specific needs. These are sales funnels, lead magnet funnel, list building funnel, webinar funnel, and eCommerce tools.
  2. Paid Ads: It has a lot of built-in tools to run and manage your paid ad campaigns on Facebook as well as Instagram. Facebook Pixel – You can create and run retargeting campaigns. GetResponse has social ads creator where you can create animated social media banners and videos.
  3. Webinars: Show your presence anywhere, anytime in front of your audience with the webinars tool. It has screen sharing, call to action button, on-demand webinars, a whiteboard, and polls & surveys.
  4. Marketing Automation: Prebuild workflows to welcome your customers, upsell, and more using this integrated feature. It has tags and scores, automation flows, abandoned cart emails, website visitor tracking, and product recommendations.   
  5. Landing Pages: High-value tools, extraordinarily SEO-augmented, and revenue-generating pages that are acceptable in any platform. Landing pages have a Facebook pixel, signup forms, popups, countdown timer, and eCommerce tools.  
  6. Email Marketing: Create and send highly converting and engaging emails to 100x your sales. Email marketing tool has many features like email creator, autoresponder, email analytics, transactional emails, and list management.

GetResponse Frequently Asked Questions – Top 8 Questions

1. What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is a great email marketing platform. It empowers you to make a significant marketing list of possibilities, partners, and customers, so you can create associations with them and create a responsive and beneficial client base.

2. Can I get GetResponse for free?

You can get 30 days free access.

3. How to create a webinar using GetResponse?

In order to create a webinar: In the menu, select webinars. On the manage webinars page, hit the create webinar button. Hereby editing webinar settings, start by adding a name to your webinar.

4. What is conversion funnel?

A conversion funnel is a tool through which you can develop and manage your online sales. You can also get new audiences as well as increase your sales.

5. How to create a sales funnel with GetResponse?

Click on the menu, conversion funnel, create a funnel, and start setting up your funnel. Type your funnel name and GetResponse will automatically build a new list for you.

6. What is the monthly cost of GetResponse?

The monthly cost is based on the plan you select. With 12 month plan, you will get an 18% discount while with 24 months it is 30%. Please note that month to month plans do not carry any discounts.

7. What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a workflow that is created after a collection of powerful actions, settings, and filters and as a result, it demonstrates a subscriber journey or experience. You can use GetResponse predesigned templates or build a workflow from scratch.

8. How Many Businesses are Benefitting from GetResponse around the World?

There are 100,000+ businesses already growing with GetResponse.

GetResponse Resources and Help Centre

You have access to thousands of helpful resources, best marketing tips, and insights in the form of videos, webinars, training, tips, and guides. Moreover, you can find the answers to your potential questions on the help center page here.

GetResponse helpful tips and resources
GetResponse Useful Resources

Final Thoughts On GetResponse

No doubt that GetResponse is a comprehensive platform to sell your products using its powerful yet simple tools and features from A/B Testing to Smart Autoresponder. 99% Email Deliverability, Email Analytics, 24/7 Live Support. GDPR Fields, Scalable pricing, and Responsive Design.

But my final advice to you is, get a 30 days free account, no credit card required, cancel anytime, and use it for one month to explore it and make your sales, Build your audience list, send automated emails, and then decide to buy a subscription. Start with the cheapest option, once you have a lot more audience and more sales then upgrade it. But of course, you will succeed with 100 percent guarantee in terms of growing audience and making more and more sales days after days, months after months, and years of years.  

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GetResponse Email Marketing will grow your business faster than any other marketing medium!
I use and recommend GetResponse.

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