What Is The Best Product To Promote On ClickBank?

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I’m super excited because today I’m gonna share with you the number one product on ClickBank that’s making people thousands of dollars per day. And how you can promote this product and have a lot of success with it as well.

And guys no it’s not my product

I am not that type of person that’s going to say hey this product makes a thousand dollars promote my product I don’t do that guys I don’t believe in that. I think that’s a little bit incestuous I guess would be the word but in my opinion guys I think that this is gonna be really awesome advice for you today because you’re gonna see exactly what offers people are promoting right now including my students that are having success with the same offer and so you can use this offer and have success as well because I want you to have success that’s the whole reason why we are doing these whole article on google review site.

How To Promote ClickBank Product

It’s not because for my enjoyment right I want to do this for you guys the reason why I spend all the time energy and money on these answers and this is for you because I want you to be successful and I want you to have success right now before we go any further make sure you go ahead and like my answer as well start promoting this product and earn commission.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything using an affiliate link it may provide me commission with no extra cost to you at all. Privacy policy

I want you to help me grow this answer so that way I can help impact the lives of more people help people have more success online and especially have success for you and your family guys so that’s it and now. Let’s get into it right now guys when it comes to having success online. I personally have had a ton of success promoting other people’s products right.

Honestly and truly

I’ve tried all these other things in the past I’ve tried email marketing I’ve tried e-commerce I’ve tried all these other things drop shipping and guys honestly and truly the one thing that really stuck for me was affiliate marketing right being able to take someone else’s product that I don’t own. I have nothing to do with and just sending people to that page. They make sales I make my commission and then we’re good to go right!

I don’t have to worry about inventory I don’t have to worry about emails I have to worry about employees. None of that stuff guys I can be a one-man show or a one-woman show in some cases.

If you’re reading this and you’re a woman not me but you then obviously you’re gonna have a lot of success because you’re able to scale you’re able to do all these things without having a huge team behind you which is super important. So guys let me go into it right now let me show you exactly which product is doing best so that way you can use it and you can model it and start having success with it as well so let’s get into it right now.

In this snapshot

You can see I’m doing thousands of dollars per day with this product right now and so I wanted to share this with you now I’ve kind of learned over the past couple months that it’s important to have different ClickBank accounts.

Best ClickBank product to promote
Snapshot of best product promotion from ClickBank

Hey! if you’re copying me you’re probably having success as well so but guys when you’re in your ClickBank account what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go ahead and go to the marketplace okay and so when I go into the marketplace obviously you got this whole you know home screen right you get your categories on the left. All I’m gonna do once again I’ve been over this many times but once again you just leave the search bar empty go ahead and hit the search icon and what’s going to happen guys is you’re going to see a bunch of products pop up. Now these products are popping up in the order of how they are in popularity in terms of sales and obviously in terms of converting.

So right now right out the gate guys the number one offer right now on ClickBank is going to be Resurge offer. Here it’s called research right it’s called the godzilla of offers and I really think that they nailed it with this with his name right because it really is the godzilla of offers. It’s been absolutely crushing it over the past I’d say probably five six months now since it’s been on ClickBank. I mean it rose to the top super-fast guys as a matter of fact. It was one of the fastest rises to the top of ClickBank ever.

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And just kind of give you an idea they are doing tens of millions of dollars in sales every single month with this product. Here now which is all well and good that’s all great and everything but the thing that gets me most excited guys is this number right here okay this average sale right which is 108.37 which I think is amazing because that’s basically the average payout that this offer is making affiliates. So why is that exciting? Well the reason why it’s exciting guys is because back when I was really pushing crazy volumes and traffic you know. Back a couple years ago I used to get super excited over the moon excited when I had an offer that paid out an average of 45 dollars per sale.

How To Make Money With ClickBank

I was excited because

At 45 dollars per sale I knew without a mat without any hesitation that I could make that work and I could make a ton of money at that 45 payout. Right now guys that’s 45 imagine at 108 okay that’s more than double what I was used to getting paid okay this is why I get so excited about this guys because at 108.37 you can make this offer work on any platform.

The best part about it is you can be more aggressive with what you spend on your ads. So before when I had a 45 payout on a product for example. I would have to you know kind of cut it off at like you know 35 dollars to acquire a customer because I still want to have some profit margin right whereas now you know with an offer like this you could spend fifty dollars to acquire a customer and you’re still gonna make 58 dollars in profit. and so that’s why this is so powerful the average order value going up like this is incredible and this makes a huge difference in terms of what you’re able to spend how you’re able to scale and how much money you’re gonna make. That’s super important and I think that’s an amazing thing that I’ve been seeing on ClickBank.

2021 is gonna be huge

Years for online affiliate marketers because you know things have changed quite a bit like back in the day you know there was no high ticket products like this now you go into the marketplace. Pretty much most of the top offers on the first page of the marketplace are over a hundred dollars in average order value right now here’s the cool thing about it guys I mean at 10 sales a day just 10 sales. That’s over a thousand dollars in revenue right so guys you can see how this can really compound on itself.

Now imagine you know 20 sales per day imagine 100 sales per day. It really adds up big time and that’s why I’m super excited about this type of offer here guys so you know I think you know these are great ones.

Another ClickBank product Leptoconnect is awesome. You know lots of talks was that was the original offer that really kind of set the stage for this there’s a bunch of great offers on here guys but you know for me right now I would say that Resurge is one of the best offers to look at.

Just because it converts like crazy you know. They know exactly what they’re doing. This is not their first successful product they’ve had a ton of them guys but I definitely would recommend looking into promoting it now.

How I promote ClickBank Product

Build a landing page which will be their quiz or an article lander and then they build out their ad images and copy and advertise on Facebook. And honestly, truly that’s the simple three-step system is taking an ad sending people to your landing page and then sending people to the offer which would be something like Resurge and that’s where you’re gonna get all the sales and that’s why my students are able to make you know hundreds and thousands of dollars per day. Because at 108 dollars per sale it adds up pretty fast, which is super cool.

Why I want to get excited about that to you guys and obviously if you’re interested in learning more about you know what Super Affiliate System is here where you can check that out guys but this is the main reason why I want to share this with you guys today because so many people when I think of you know when I tell people hey you can make a thousand dollars a day online.

How To Promote ClickBank Products

They think it’s like so far out of reach and it’s not it really is not especially with the products you see today. The products nowadays make it a lot easier to get to that level right because that’s just 10 sales per day. All right and if you’re advertising to millions of people on Facebook, the chances of getting just 10 sales in a day It’s actually pretty high okay even at just three or four sales a day right it’s still three or four hundred bucks in your pocket and with the margins with your how much you’re acquiring a customer for being more aggressive even if it’s spent you spent fifty dollars to make 108 dollars in sales.

It’s a pretty darn good turnaround right it’s not a bad thing at all guys so that’s why I wanted to share that with you guys today so I definitely recommend research you know these other top offers are good anyone on page one is a good one to promote but I personally like Resurge now. So that’s the way it works guys so if you don’t have a ClickBank account make sure you go ahead and get one and make sure you check out these offers and get excited because now is an amazing time to have success online. More people are online ever than ever before more people are having success and there’s so much opportunity to make money online guys so make sure you check that out and let me know in the comments below once you promote Resurge or promote these offers.

How you do guys so and of course once again if you want to learn more about Super Affiliate System, obviously this is a link to register for free.

We can actually learn about that with my free training learn the three steps and how you can have success as well so that’s it for me guys but make sure you check this out and I’ll talk to you soon.

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